Officials Rules

Rule Clarifications:


Players may not participate while wearing jewellery. Religious medals or medical alert medals are not considered jewellery. A religious medal must be taped and worn under the uniform. A medical alert medal must be taped and may be visible.  Allow a player to participate while wearing a head covering, if it is worn for medical or religious reasons, provided that the covering is not abrasive, hard, or dangerous, and is attached in such a way that it is highly unlikely to come off during play.  Any long pieces of material must be tucked in the back of the jersey.   

40 Point Difference:

Teams cannot full court press when the point spread is greater than 20.  When the point spread in a game is 40 points, the score on the clock gets reset to zero and no longer used for the remainder of the game.  The time for the remainder of the game is running time.  The scoresheet is still recording personal and team fouls only.  If the coach that is on the lower end of the score wishes to stop the game, the game ends. 


If both teams are late then the game has already started therefore no jump ball. If neither team can field a full roster for that age group at the 15 minute mark, then game is a draw 0-0.
The 4 permutations are as follows:
  1. One team has the minimum number of players to start, the other does not after 15 minutes: Legal team win by default, 20-0
  2. One team has the minimum number of players to start, the other team gets enough players before 15 minutes has elapsed. Because the game has started the full roster team has in effect won the jump ball, the team that was short has caused a delay of game therefore is penalized with a "B" technical foul to the coach. We apply the rule as one shot (no line up) and possession at centre court to the non-offending team. (Minis division ONLY award 1 point and possession to non-offending team)
  3. Both teams do not have enough players to start the game however one team does get enough players before the 15 minute mark while the other does not. In this case one team meets the condition to continue or start the game so is therefore awarded the win by default. Since both teams have delayed the game both coaches are assessed "B" technical fouls but they offset so no shots are taken. A coach can remain in the game with one "B" technical and one "C" technical as is not ejected until another Technical is incurred.
  4. If neither team has enough players to proceed with the game starting on time and still do not have enough players after 15 minutes has passed then the game ends in a tie and the score presumably is 0-0

Last 2(two) Minutes of game:

Under Article 4 9.2 there are rules for starting and stopping the clock. The most common stopping of the clock is when an official blows the whistle. (Since CMBA has running time 80% the clock stops on a whistle in the last 2 minutes of each quarter). When the clock shows 2:00 or less in the 4th quarter or in extra time, the clock stops after a made basket until the ball has been in - bounded to a player on the court. Remember that this only applies to the 4th quarter in CMBA because we have different OT rules that are not clock dependent. OT is ONLY played in playoffs, we aren't there yet.

So to summarize, in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, the timekeeper stops the clock as soon as the basket is scored and restarts the clock when the ball is touched on the floor. This would be great to do in a close game but the instructions should be given before the start of the game and then remind the timekeeper at the start of the 4th quarter. Then it is up to the officials to ensure that is carried out including putting a couple of seconds back on the clock if they forget.

  1. When the clock stops after a made basket the scored upon coach may call a time out (as they can during the rest of the game)
  2. When the clock stops after a made basket the scored upon coach may substitute if the sub is ready. The other team may sub an equal number of players if they are ready (no subbing off the bench)

It is important that the official assists the timekeeper by raising their hand to stop the clock and chopping time in to restart the clock after the subs come into the game. Ensure that no time is lost when the clock should be stopped.

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